AL Publishing is a specialized B2B Arabic digital publisher based in Dubai. The company is fully owned by AL Arabic, the leading Arabic content provider in the GCC region. AL Publishing focuses on specialized Arabic titles covering main publishing domains in the sector. In addition to specialized titles, AL Publishing manages AL Press, the GCC Business News Agency, and AL Video, a business-oriented Arabic video content platform.

AL Publishing focuses on Arabic B2B digital media, a publishing line still under-explored in Arabic language. With the vast penetration of social media and the focus on hit-generation in digital media, B2B publishing needs serious revamping to assure its survival and prosperity as a medium to provide businesses with insights, information, and opportunities.

AL Publishing launched its first digital platform in 2016, it was AL Press, the GCC Business News Agency. Today, with seven other platforms managed by the company, AL Press remains the major and most important platform. This important position stems from the AL Publishing’s mission to make business news a public domain, and give the public free access to business information.

AL Publishing offers outsources customer corporate publishing for customers in the GCC region. Our approach to customer publishing is based on low-profile behind the scenes efforts that result in high quality Arabic publications attributed and copyrighted to the customer directly.

As a B2B focused publisher, AL Publishing adopts new age technology in delivering high quality business oriented content and information. To this end, AL Publishing is a strictly digital publisher working through highly versatile and scalable online platforms.