B2B Media

AL Publishing focuses on Arabic B2B digital media, a publishing line still under-explored in Arabic language. With the vast penetration of social media and the focus on hit-generation in digital media, B2B publishing needs serious revamping to assure its survival and prosperity as a medium to provide businesses with insights, information, and opportunities.

This challenge motivates us at Al Publishing to capitalize on a new age formula for digital B2B media. Our approach is a hybrid between generating consumer interest and a focus on B2B topics, the formula that governs all our digital platforms.
This hybrid formula is based on the following principles.
Low cost
With the challenges faced by giant publishers in the GCC region nowadays, we focus on low cost open source platforms and a distributed team across the Middle East, to assure financial survival and build strong platforms regardless to advertising revenue.
Parting ways with print media
Despite our strong believe in the value of print media, we focus on digital media to assure wider reach and lower operational costs.
Low scale
Digital media is a sector not dominated by media giants, who still need to adapt to the new age. Unlike in print media, low scale publishing is a vital approach to assure continuity and success.
Information, information, information
B2B media is all about information, and digital media is an invaluable tool to make information readily available with a simple search query. At AL Publishing, we focus on presenting business information and data in an elegant package that is easy to navigate and comfortable to read.